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This is

This is Gerardo


h eh r ah r d oh

As a regular human being, I enjoy going to the movies, traveling, watching movie reactions on Youtube and painting once in a while. As a designer, even though I love working in both analog and digital environments, analog has a special place in heart. My dream job is to be working as a graphic designer in the film industry. Annie Atkins and Minalima are a huge inspiration to this humble human being.


website software

Designed and developed by Gerardo Orozco using Figma, Webflow and Adobe After Effects.


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Huion Kamvas 16

gratitude and cheesy message

Muchas gracias to the San Diego City College faculty, especially to my mentors Bradford Praire, Sean Bacon, James Bowman, Julie Warren, Candice López and Wayne Hulgin. Thanks to my fellow classmates with whom I shared not just critiques and ideas but tears, sweat and frustrations.

With english being, at first, a language barrier, graduating from San Diego City College is my proudest moment as of yet, and I’m really thankful for all the time and patience everyone at the City College Graphic Design Program has have towards me.

All my hard work is dedicated to Lizbeth, Juan, Christian and my mom. Love you guys.